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Anonymous: Marry me?


Anonymous: Hi, you're really pretty and have great skin. It glows! Do you have a skincare routine and do you use foundation? Thank you! Here’s my so called ‘routine’ 😊

Fruit fruit fruit and more fruit (dried fruit is the best!)

I wash my face morning and night and I use exfoliating scrubs. St Ives and Beauty Formulas sell the best products and they smell good!

I wear facial masks and DermaV10 Night Cream before I got to bed (I use petroleum jelly as a substitute if I’ve run out of night cream)

I’ve started to wear less makeup because of the weather, so I’m using more light coverage foundations and tinted moisturisers and lightweight concealers or just mix your fav foundation with a little moisturiser.
Loreal True Match and Sleek Bare Skin has become my personal faves. This summer I’m definitely not planning to spend loads of money on Illamasqua, Estée Lauder and MAC foundations, it’s too hot for all of that.

Oh yeah and make water your bestfriend.

And that’s it 😊 I hope that was helpful xo

Anonymous: So you stripped your hair that's why it's blonde? Maybe you should go fully blonde

Yeah I stripped it lol and I’m in love with dark hair 😭 I don’t think it would suit me anyways

Fucking hell people are crying because my hair is blonde. Well durgh that’s the colour it goes when you’re removing hair dye from your hair 😒 I’m done with humans man ugh.

Anonymous: I really like you.

Well, thanks for liking me lol

This is why I like being alone ffs!!!